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Firewood & Charcoal

Hardwood Logs, Kindling for Firewood

At BLACK DOG FORESTRY, we appreciate the special time around a fire. There is nothing quite like it. That's why we take such care to bundle the best of the wood we harvest. All our firewood is seasoned, and our logs and kindling are all locally-sourced mixed hardwoods: Oak, Ash, and Beech, among others. 


We choose hardwood as it is more dense than softwood meaning it burns for longer and so importantly, keeps us warmer. The best of the firewood goes into our log and kindling mixes: we don't sell anything that we wouldn't use in our own homes!


Our own lumpwood charcoal, made in house, and sourced from woodland that we manage sustainably. Produced without chemicals normally found on charcoal and with up to 75% fewer pollutants released, it lights faster and burns hotter. And healthier for you and your family.


We deliver across West Sussex and Brighton. All firewood orders of £105.00 or more, and charcoal orders of £25.00 or more, are free within a 25 mile road journey of Wiston. For deliveries between 25 - 30 miles, we simply apply a small fee of £15.00 to your order to help us cover delivery to your door! When we arrive the logs are in bags, which we then tip up so they are loose. Please make sure there is sufficient space for this. 

Business, high-use, & wholesale customers
Happily, we offer generous discounts to high-use customers and on bulk orders of firewood and/or charcoal. If this sounds like you, please email or phone us.

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