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Our very own bag of lumpwood charcoal, produced in-house, and sourced from woodland that we manage sustainably. We've written about the difference between regular charcoal and our lumpwood charcoal on our blog. 



There is no minimum spend with these bags - free delivery within 25 road miles of Wiston!


What can you use our charcoal for? 

Charcoal makes for the ideal fuel for a BBQ. Our lumpwood charcoal has no odour, doesn’t smoke and burns longer. Our charcoal doesn't get coated in chemicals so you can relax and enjoy your BBQ, knowing it won't taste of lighter fluid. 


If you have a chiminea or fire pit, you can also use charcoal in that - either in combination with firewood or alone.



Remember to leave us a note about where you'd like your order placed when we deliver - the note section appears on the checkout page.


All prices include 5% VAT.

Black Dog Charcoal 7.5kg

  • These bags are 7.5kg

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