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Black Dog Forestry Services

Forestry Services

Forestry is a diverse and complex discipline. And we love it.


We are heavily invested in our work and this means getting under the skin of the land and truly understanding what is required to make a sustainable business from it. As such, at the heart of what we do, are the relationships we have with our clients. To this end, we firstly look to understand the objectives of the landowners we work with to then plan an effective route to the desired outcome for their estate. 


Each job is planned and undertaken with sustainable, economic and ecological balance as priority, leading to a greater outcome for the landowner.

Woodland Management & Planning

At our heart, Black Dog Forestry looks to help grow and maintain the core of our clients’ business. In doing so we contribute to the larger environmental picture - keeping what we love, thriving - and the benefits feed directly back to the landowner. Initially, we provide fundamental services to ensure the estate reaches a healthy, manageable and sustainable level with a view to begin deeper, more intensive management work.


For estates already at an advanced level of administration, we work with landowners to progress the business depending upon their objectives.

Woodland Services

We enjoy getting our hands dirty!


Covering all fundamental woodland services, some of which are below, we aim to sculpt and maintain landscapes with a view to making them work better for the landowner. Ultimately, we want the end result to be profitable for our clients.


Services include:

  • Timber Cutting

  • Timber Extraction

  • Roadways

  • Ditching

  • Culverts 

Timber Purchasing & Sales

Trees and the resultant timber are vital to the U.K. economy and we ensure the landowner benefits from this demand. 

We can take care of the buying and selling of all standing timber as part of our service, as well as the sale of derivative products such as cordwood and tree butts. 


As with all we do, we keep landscape regeneration front of mind to ensure continued, sustainable administration of the land.

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